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Robot Operating System Cookbook

Over 70 recipes to help you master advanced ROS concepts

Author: Kumar Bipin, Published on 28-Jun-2018, Language: English


This book will leverage the power of ROS with an introduction to its core and advanced concepts through exciting recipes. You will get acquainted with the use of different synchronous and asynchronous communication methods, including messages, services, and actions. You will learn how to use the various debugging and visualization tools used in development and how to interface sensors and actuators with the ROS framework.

Firstly, you will get to grips with ROS simulation frameworks, such as Gazebo and RotorS for modeling and simulating any physical robot and virtual environment. You will also cover mobile robotics, micro-aerial vehicles, and robotic arms, which are the leading branches of robotic applications. Robot Operating System Cookbook will also guide you in the development of an autonomous navigation framework for both mobile robots and micro-aerial vehicles.

Finally, you will explore ROS-Industrial, an open source project that extends the advanced capabilities of ROS software to manufacturing industries.


  • Delve into an open source, meta-operating system for your robot
  • Get acquainted with tools and libraries for building and running code on multiple platforms
  • Use Gazebo to model your robot and create a virtual environment


  • Explore advanced concepts, such as ROS pluginlib, nodelets, and actionlib
  • Work with ROS visualization, profiling, and debugging tools
  • Gain experience in robot modeling and simulation using Gazebo
  • Understand the ROS Navigation Stack for mobile robots
  • Configure a MoveIt! package for a manipulator robot
  • Develop an autonomous navigation framework for MAV using ORB SLAM and MoveIt
  • Integrate sensors, actuators, and robots into the ROS ecosystem
  • Get acquainted with the ROS-Industrial package with hardware support, capabilities, and applications

Kumar Bipin

Kumar Bipin has 15+ years of research and development experience with such world-famous consumer electronics companies as STMicroelectronics and Motorola. He has participated in the research fellowship program at SERC, IISc Bengaluru, earned MS in Robotics and Computer Vision from IIIT, Hyderabad. have been fosters confident in delivering system-level solutions for consumer electronics products, which includes system software, perception planning and control for autonomous vehicle. Currently, he is leading the Autonomous Vehicle Product- Autonomai at Tata Elxsi.