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Redis 4.x Cookbook

Over 80 hand-picked recipes for effective Redis development and administration

Author: Pengcheng Huang, Zuofei Wang, Published on 28-Feb-2018, Language: English


Redis is considered the world's most popular key-value store database. Its versatility and the wide variety of use cases it enables have made it a popular choice of database for many enterprises. Based on the latest version of Redis, this book provides both step-by-step recipes and relevant the background information required to utilize its features to the fullest. It covers everything from a basic understanding of Redis data types to advanced aspects of Redis high availability, clustering, administration, and troubleshooting. This book will be your great companion to master all aspects of Redis.

The book starts off by installing and configuring Redis for you to get started with ease. Moving on, all the data types and features of Redis are introduced in detail. Next, you will learn how to develop applications with Redis in Java, Python, and the Spring Boot web framework. You will also learn replication tasks, which will help you to troubleshoot replication issues. Furthermore, you will learn the steps that need to be undertaken to ensure high availability on your cluster and during production deployment. Toward the end of the book, you will learn the topmost tasks that will help you to troubleshoot your ecosystem efficiently, along with extending Redis by using different modules.


  • Build, deploy and administer high performance and scalable applications in Redis
  • Covers a range of important tasks - including development and administration of Redis
  • A practical guide that takes your understanding of Redis to the next level


  • Install and configure your Redis instance
  • Explore various data types and commands in Redis
  • Build client-side applications as well as a Big Data framework with Redis
  • Manage data replication and persistence in Redis
  • Implement high availability and data sharding in Redis
  • Extend Redis with Redis Module
  • Benchmark, debug, fine-tune and troubleshoot various issues in Redis

Pengcheng Huang

Pengcheng Huang has been working as a software engineer and team lead of the Big Data Infrastructure team at China Minsheng Bank (ranked No.29 in the Top 1000 World Banks in 2017) for more than 5 years providing Big data infrastructure services for the whole bank. Also, as the technical director of Redis at the bank, he devotes much of his energy making better use of Redis in the production environment. He is also a Redis contributor. You can reach him on LinkedIn by searching for gnuhpc.

Zuofei Wang

Zuofei Wang is an experienced software engineer living in the San Francisco Bay area. With more than 5 years of experience in the software industry, he has worked on projects with different technologies and is currently employed by Airbnb Inc. Zuofei is passionate about learning new things and sharing his knowledge. He also enjoys reading, traveling, and ham radio in his spare time.