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HBase High Performance Cookbook

Exciting projects that will teach you how complex data can be exploited to gain maximum insights

Author: Ruchir Choudhry, Published on 31-Jan-2017, Language: English


Apache HBase is a non-relational NoSQL database management system that runs on top of HDFS. It is an open source, disturbed, versioned, column-oriented store and is written in Java to provide random real-time access to big Data.

We’ll start off by ensuring you have a solid understanding the basics of HBase, followed by giving you a thorough explanation of architecting a HBase cluster as per our project specifications. Next, we will explore the scalable structure of tables and we will be able to communicate with the HBase client. After this, we’ll show you the intricacies of MapReduce and the art of performance tuning with HBase. Following this, we’ll explain the concepts pertaining to scaling with HBase. Finally, you will get an understanding of how to integrate HBase with other tools such as ElasticSearch.

By the end of this book, you will have learned enough to exploit HBase for boost system performance.


  • Architect a good HBase cluster for a very large distributed system
  • Get to grips with the concepts of performance tuning with HBase
  • A practical guide full of engaging recipes and attractive screenshots to enhance your system’s performance


  • Configure HBase from a high performance perspective
  • Grab data from various RDBMS/Flat files into the HBASE systems
  • Understand table design and perform CRUD operations
  • Find out how the communication between the client and server happens in HBase
  • Grasp when to use and avoid MapReduce and how to perform various tasks with it
  • Get to know the concepts of scaling with HBase through practical examples
  • Set up Hbase in the Cloud for a small scale environment
  • Integrate HBase with other tools including ElasticSearch

Ruchir Choudhry

Ruchir Choudhry is a principle architect in one of the largest e-commerce companies and specializes in leading, articulating, technology vision, strategizing, and implementing very large-scale software engineering-driven technology changes, with a track record of over 16 years of success.

He was responsible for leading strategy, architecture, engineering, and operations of multitenant e-commerce sites and platforms in US, UK, Brazil, and other major markets for Walmart. The sites helped Walmart enter new markets and/or grow its market share. The sites combined service millions of customers and take in orders with annual revenues exceeding $2.0 billion. His personal interest is in performance and scalability. Recently, he has become obsessed with technology as a vehicle to drive and prioritize optimization across organizations and in the world.

He is a core team member in conceptualizing, designing, and reshaping a new platform that will serve the next generation of frontend engineering, based on the cutting edge technology in WalMart.com and NBC/GE/VF Image ware.

He has led some of the most complex and technologically challenging R&D and innovative projects in VF Image Ware, Walmart.com and in GE/NBC (China and Vancouver Olympic websites), Hiper World Cyber Tech Limited (which created the first wireless-based payment gateway of India that worked on non-smart phones, which was presented at Berlin in 1999).

He is the author of more than 8 white papers, which spans from biometric-based single sign on to Java Cards, performance tuning, and JVM tuning, among others. He was a presenter of JVM, performance optimization using Jboss, in Berlin and various other places.

Ruchir Choudhry did his BE at Bapuji Institute of Technology, MBA in information technology at National institute of Engineering and Technology, and his MS Systems at BITS Pilani.